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Xiaolan Chen, Owner of CL Therapeutic Massage

Xiaolan Chen

Owner of CL Therapeutic Massage.

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Julia was amazing! I emailed late the night before to see if I could get an early appointment the next morning and she got me in right away. The deep tissue massage was absolutely, I was knitted everywhere and she located them all and spent time on each! She was very friendly, while not talking too much( I like to relax and be silent through most of it) haha. Please give her a go, 5/5!


I went in sorry that I'd bought a deep tissue massage last Christmas for me and my sister, instead of a Swedish massage. I came out feeling soooo much better than when I entered and so did my sister. It was a great experience and the women who did our massages were terrific. I definitely recommend this place and I am pretty doggone picky. One of the nice things they did that no one has ever done before was to towel off all the oils (in a gentle, massaging way) at the end.


The staff are technical on therapeutic goals, and friendly. Highly Recommended!!
I got full recovery, thank God! Thank CL!
I initially went there for foot and ankle massage because I had ankle injury which later became chronicle pain. I met three ankle specialists (not at CL Therapeutic) and was told bad news (including surgery & boot-for-6-weeks) after viewing MRI. So I almost gave up and thought I'd never get full recovery.
But several weeks later magic happened and I'm totally fine now, even resumed playing basketball twice a week. Apparently the therapy at CL worked well! Probably their techniques worked well at the right areas of my ankle&foot&leg, so I can recover Without the more aggressive, risky surgery.
Now I still go to CL for general wellness, including removal of soreness due to job and intense workout.

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